Thursday, January 30, 2014

One Foot In The Grave By: Jeaniene Frost

After leaving Bones behind to keep him safe, Cat has made a career out of hunting bad vampires with the special branch of the FBI. She's in charge and has helped to create the tight security facility they work out of.

Starting over without Bones has been very hard for her but Cats focused all her hurt/anger on her victims. 

She's met friends along the way, including the men under her command, and Denise. Denise knows the real Cat so it's refreshing for her to not have to hid anymore and having a feminine friend.

There's been more gruesome murders and dismemberments back in Ohio that sends Cat right back to her old hometown. Quite literally, it's been calling to Cat. 

When Denise has a quickie wedding, Cat finds herself walking down the aisle with a familiar face standing before her....

It's taken Bones almost 5 years, but he's finally found Cat and isn't letting her go, no matter what he has to do to keep her.

Bones' sire Ian is still in the picture and wanting to keep Cat for himself. It becomes vampire politics to see who gets to keep her.

I really enjoyed book 2 of the Night Huntress series. Cat and Bones are entertaining as ever and both sexier than ever. They have some seriously intense sex that makes you secretly wish vampire weren't only real, but these special vampires with their special powers. 

Cat is such a funny and sassy woman. No doubt she would be a damn funny person to meet if she were real.

I do have some issues regarding the way she talks to her mom. Though I can totally understand, being that I can't believe some of the things that comes out of her mom's mouth either. But sometimes I just felt like it was too much. Instead of saying something like 'enough, Mom' she chooses 'stuff it, Mom'. But, again, her Mom is very mean about stuff she says too