Thursday, March 13, 2014

Theirs to Cherish By: Shayla Black

Theirs to Cherish is the eighth installment of the Wicked Lovers series.

I was seriously looking forward to this book because I just loved Thorpe and I seriously loved Callie's attitude in previous book. I think my expectations were just a bit too high, because it took a lot for me to finish the book.

First, I was not happy what-so-ever that Sean was even in the picture. I was really hoping for Callie and Thorpe to be the only two involved in their relationship. Reading the book, I understand that Sean can give what Thorpe can't and Thorpe can give what Sean can't so it really does work out for the three of them. But I was super sad myself.

So...Callie is a run-a-way multi-millionaire who is running from the people who killed her family. Never staying in a place too long, Callie's stay at Dominion has been her longest residence since fleeing nine years ago.

Sean became Callie's Master in the previous story but we knew nothing about him yet. Now, we know that he cares for Callie but we also know he's a liar.

Thorpe, I wouldn't call him a liar, but he is so incredibly unavailable for emotional support it's kinda crazy that he's the "big bad Dom". Though he knows how to take care of subs, he doesn't know how to handle someone he loves so he just avoids it altogether.

It became pretty boring to me with Sean and Thorpe talking about their feelings constantly.

I really do like this series and every character in them. Some stories I just like way more than others. This one is definitely not one of my favorites, but it still connects everyone (even if only for a moment). So I will continue onto the next book when it comes out.