Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Guardian of My Soul By: Emily A. Lawrence

Kristen Mancuso, daughter of a renowned fashion designer has everything her heart desires, and yet she’s still unhappy. After her father’s death, her mother’s overprotectiveness has prevented Kristen from choosing her own path in life, and she often feels as if she's a prisoner in her own home. Kristen thought her twenty-first birthday would magically bring her the freedom she craved. She was wrong. 

When her mother hires Alec Warner to be her personal bodyguard, Kristen rebels against it, unaware of the true reasons why he’s needed and the very real danger threatening her safety. Having someone shadow her every move is the last thing she wants. Alec is handsome, intimidating and determined to stand between Kristen and anyone who would harm her. 

Kristen doesn’t know what to do with Alec. She’s drawn to him, and while he is committed to his job, he refuses to allow her to control him the way she does with other men. Their relationship is volatile and explosive, yet they discover they have more in common than they ever dreamed. Together they face demons from their past and secrets which could tear them apart. 

Alec and Kristen fight their attraction for one another, but that’s one battle where losing may very well give them everything their souls desire… 

Holy-hotness-teasing-fantastically-epic-love story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I obviously really enjoyed this book!

Now, I am known to read some incredibly kinky books, but sometimes there's nothing better than going back to the old fashion-type love stories that just melt you heart (and your panties, haha!!).

The connection that Kristen and Alec have is so electric and awe-inspiring. You find yourself so jealous as you're reading.

I loved that we were able to just connect so quickly with these characters and really feel for them. I loved that they really did get to know one another and that we were lucky to be witness to it!