Sunday, August 3, 2014

Broken Bonds By: Katherine Rhodes

The door read: Club Imperial 
The truth was: It could never hide all your secrets.
Emmy learned that the hard way. 

Behind Club Imperial’s doors lay all of those Emmy never wanted to share. Secrets she wanted to hide forever from the world. And Nathaniel. 

As Emmy lay unconscious in the hospital, beaten and bruised, Nathaniel never left her side. He didn't want her lifestyle—their lifestyle—to take away from the justice her attack deserved. 

Slowly, as Emmy started to recover, she started to accept all the good in her new life... Until the day her phone rang and her world, all those secrets, came crashing down around her. 

Terrible things she left behind suddenly reappeared, and her scars were ripped open. Emmy wasn’t sure she could survive the pain, again, and she had to let Nathaniel go to protect him from the hell of her past... 

But Nathaniel wasn't walking away. 

Ok, What an amazing second story in to the Club Imperial series!

Heart wrenching, emotional, beautiful. An absolutely breathtaking story!

I really loved Broken Bonds! Being able to continue watching Nathaniel and Emmy work through the obstacles they face while trying to hunt down the men that hurt Emmy.

Emmy...strong and amazing Emmy, she's has been though so much in her life and she deserves the happiness she's found with Nathaniel.