Thursday, August 28, 2014

Not Quite Juliet By: Katherine Rhodes

Morgan Kirkbride is self-professed super fangirl of Silver Soul. If they were playing, and someone mentioned it, she had to be there. One fateful night, by the grace of beer and peanuts, she fell for very hot, very sexy Nick D. Literally. Morgan was sure the lead singer of Silver Soul thought she was a graceless flake, and almost fell again (literally) when he asked her to a midnight diner. She was sure it was just a crazy one-night fling…

The very next Monday at Allegheny County Courthouse, the highly respected, well credentialed chemist Dr. Nicholas Dovadsky is called as a witness — and Morgan recognizes him as the rock god she spent the night with.

Sparks fly between them, but things keep getting in the way: the band’s bassist; Morgan’s roommate; her school schedule are all taking away from their time. But Nick wants to know the spunky, if clumsy, curvaceous woman. He just keeps coming back.

An ex-boyfriend comes back to haunt Morgan’s roommate, Lisa, and they think his ego- and head- were bruised by his dismissal. But when the simple threats become violent, perverse and horrifying, they realize someone is out to get them...

Ugh! Shut your face! I loved it!

LOL! I know weird intro, right?!

Seriously, there wasn't a second of Not Quite Juliet that I didn't love. I really fell for Katherine Rhodes with the first two Club Imperial books, but I'm even more attached now! She really knows how to get you hook-line-and sinker into her world of erotica.

I will admit one a plus size woman myself (and damn well not ashamed!), I have a very hard time reading about the heroine being a plus size woman. I know I'm awful for thinking that, and maybe it's because I've lived the insecurities and I don't want to have to read the same type of thoughts I've thought about're not sexy enough, you're not ever going to be a size two. Or maybe I just like confidence of the average hot and attractive heroines in other books. I don't know the exact reason, but I've never enjoyed a book that had this set up before (and that even includes one of my all time favorite author, Sherrilyn Kenyon's book where there's a plus sized woman heroine.)

BUT...having said that...Morgan was a breath of fresh-air! Though she had thoughts here and there, this book wasn't CONSUMED with it! She proves she's a normal curvy woman without drowning us with sorrow about it! She speaks of eating a snickers at her desk for lunch once, instead of being ashamed to admit that to someone or saying something about skipping meals to lose weight! She accepts who she is and people be damned! I just loved it!

Fantastic story line! Who wouldn't love to experience love with their long-time rocker-god star dream guy! I've already become so attached to all the Club Imperial characters and can't wait until the next one!!

On a side note because I'm a lover of book cover art, I really hope this cover get's a makeover to look more like the Consensual or Broken Bonds.

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