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SPOTLIGHT -- Savannah Morgan "Dreams"


For years Devin Blackthorn has prided himself on being an honorable man. He stepped in to take care of Kylie James when his younger half-brother, Allen, abandoned her when she was nine months pregnant. He has spent eleven years taking care of Kylie and her son, Jamie, as if they were his own. He never asked for anything in return and he never allowed his dominant sexual feelings for Kylie to show, always maintaining a safe distance from the much younger woman. Devin has been tortured by erotic dreams of Kylie for years. At his limit, Devin is ready to admit he wants her for himself. But when secrets from Kylie’s past threaten her and Jamie, Devin’s real feelings come out and he can do no less than protect the woman he loves and the son of his heart.

Kylie James has made mistakes in her life, but her son is not one of them. For eleven years she has kept the secret of Allen’s betrayal and remained quiet of his crimes. But when Allen returns, making demands, Kylie is afraid he is up to his old ways once again. To stop Allen from destroying her son, Kylie must confront her past and reveal the secrets she has kept from everyone. Will the truth destroy the love she has found in Devin’s arms? How can she possibly protect her son from a monster who never wanted him to be born? And how can she keep the past from destroying all her dreams for the future?

When Devin learns Allen has targeted Kylie and Jamie, once again he must put all his resources into protecting them, even if it means destroying his brother to do it. Can Devin protect everything he holds dear, or will Allen get his greatest wish–destroying Devin and Kylie and the child he blames for the ruin of all his dreams?



“You know what I’m saying, Kylie. I haven’t made it a secret that I want you and Jamie living with me.”

“But what about what people will say? What about Allen?”

“Who the hell cares what people will say? And Allen can go fuck himself for all I care. He is the one that ran out, Kylie. He had his goddamn chance. Now it’s our turn. Do you want this or not? Do you want me?”

Kylie nodded her head. “Yes, Devin. I want this. I want you.”

Devin breathed a sigh of relief before he pulled her into a kiss that had his blood boiling and his cock threatening to burst the zipper on his jeans.

He ran his hand under her sweatshirt to the satin-soft skin of her back. He couldn’t kiss her enough. He couldn’t get close enough. His hand followed her ribs to her belly and up to cup her full breast. He ran his thumb lightly over the lace covering her nipple.

Kylie moaned and thrust her breast into his large, hot hand. She ran one hand up over his shoulder, up his neck to the back of his head while her other hand lay flat against the pounding of his heart. She couldn’t believe he was touching her like this or allowing her to touch him. She had dreamed for so long what it would feel like being in his arms. Her dreams were pale imitations to the real thing. Devin stole her breath and gave it back with the simple touch of his hand and his bone melting kisses.

Devin slid his hand down Kylie’s flat stomach to the button on her jeans. He was a heartbeat away from undressing her, throwing her on the couch she kept in her office for Jamie to sleep on. He flipped the button open then stopped himself when he thought he heard voices rising outside in the front of the shop.

“God, I want you, Kylie. I want you so fucking badly, I can barely breathe.”
Kylie couldn’t respond. She couldn’t find enough oxygen in the room to fill her lungs.

“We can’t do this here.”

“I know,” she managed to get out this time, but her voice was thin and sounded defeated to her own ears.

He tried to run his fingers down the front of her jeans but his hand was too big. He reversed direction and cupped her breast again instead. He pulled the cup of her bra down, exposing her nipple to his touch. His other hand gripped her behind a little tighter.

He was close to throwing caution to the wind and either taking her on that old ratty couch or tossing her over his shoulder and heading to the house in town. It was a damn site closer than the ranch and if he didn’t have her soon he was likely to burn to ash with the way she made him feel.

His voice was rough when he spoke again. “Prepare for y’all to stay the weekend…”

“Jamie has a sleep over Saturday night,” Kylie offered on a pant.

“In that case, wear whatever you want tonight and bring Jamie’s stuff to take to his friend’s. I’ll supply your clothing for the rest of the weekend… that is if I allow you clothing at all.”

He smirked as he lightly pinched her nipple then released it, soothing the slight sting with his thumb as he gently rubbed it over her excited bud. “I know you will be tight,” he stated cautiously. They both knew what he was talking about. “Maybe too tight, I know it has to have been a while for you.”

Kylie nodded. Years she wanted to howl, but kept her mouth shut, enjoying the fact he was touching her, talking about making love to her.

“We’ll need to stretch you a little before my cock can have a taste of you.” He kissed her on the forehead. “Don’t worry, sweet Kylie, I have the perfect things at home to do the job.”

He stopped playing with her nipple and moved his hand down to her crotch, cupping her over her jeans. He squeezed her pussy. It wasn’t enough to cause pain, but it was enough that he had her attention. “This is mine, Kylie Ann. I don’t share. Ever. If this isn’t something you want, then don’t bother staying the night with me.” He released his hold on her, and began a sensual massage. He could tell she was feeling his touch even though he was stroking her on the outside of her jeans. Her hips thrust forward trying to make the touch go deeper. “Don’t answer me now. I’ll know when you get to the house. That will be soon enough.”

Kylie ran her hand down the front of his pants. She cupped her palm over the impressive, bulging outline of his thick erection. Her green eyes flashed fire. “I’ll accept a lot, Devin Blackthorn. I’ll probably submit to more than I can ever dream of at the moment. But if you are claiming me, then the same holds true for you. Don’t start something with me then go off to fuck someone else.”

Devin removed his hand from where he had been stroking her pussy. He cupped her face in both of his hands to hold her steady. When she began to speak Devin shook his head before lowering his lips to hers. He took her in a soft, soul-searing kiss. She shocked him a little when she rounded her mouth and began sucking on his tongue as if it were his dick.

Devin groaned and broke the kiss. He continued to hold her face in his large hands. He had dreamt of her for so long, he had to force himself to stop. This was not the time or place for this; Kylie was respected in town. He wouldn’t want anything to change that perception. There was also the unknown threat of what Allen was really up to.

He placed his lips gently on hers. He didn’t deepen the kiss, but closed her jeans reluctantly, and wrapped his arms around her loosely.

“I could get addicted to you,” Devin stated honestly, while gauging the look in her eyes. He saw acceptance, desire, confusion, and need swirl in the jade depths.

Kylie stepped closer to his hard body, snuggling up close to him, relishing the feel of being in his arms. She felt him tighten his arms around her, pulling her even closer to him. She was shaking with need. She had been so close to coming when Devin stopped, she now needed time to calm down.

When Kylie’s body stopped quaking, Devin set her away from him and began straightening her clothes. She had been close to coming apart and he hadn’t even been touching her flesh to flesh when he had stopped them from going too far. They were in her office and there were customers beyond her closed door.

He started to say something when their attention was drawn to escalating voices out front. Devin finished adjusting her clothes as the voices continued to rise and come closer.

He heard her name but the rest was an incoherent mumble of voices. He could feel the tension rising in her body. With the way she was tensing up he had a pretty good idea who was outside the door. He inspected her appearance quickly to ensure her clothing was properly back in place, making certain she looked as if nothing had happened to anyone who might see them now. Other than the blush on her cheeks and the few strands of hair that had already been loosened from this morning’s marathon of customers, she looked as she always did. Professional. Sweet. And his.

Kylie began to fidget with her appearance.

Devin stilled her hands. “You look fine, honey. No one can tell what we were doing. Let me sit down in the chair then you can go check on what’s happening,” Devin assured her.

If anyone looked into her office all they would see was his back to the door. It would give the impression they had been talking. It would also give him the chance to get his erection under control. He had been so close to throwing the lock and fucking her on the old couch. It shocked him how close he had been from losing all control.

He gave her chair behind the desk a slight push so it would look as if she had just been sitting there and pulled out a list of things he and Trey had come up with earlier for Jamie’s protection. Lastly, he sat down in the chair facing her desk and began making more notes while Kylie opened her office door.

Allen McKinnon was shocked when Kylie left her office. He had been sure she would have had to unlock the door or at least have her clothing mussed up, her hair down, something to show she and Devin were screwing around, but that hadn’t been the case. Her hair was a little messy, but that could be from being busy with her coffee shop. Her clothes looked normal; there wasn’t any sign that she and Devin had been doing anything other than talking.

Seeing his older brother writing on a tablet just confirmed they had only been talking. This didn’t bode well. If she had figured out what…

“Jake is there a problem?”

“No. I was just trying to get this guy to understand you were in a meeting. He demanded to see you.”

“Allen?” Kylie came to the counter as if nothing was wrong. “Is there something I can do for you?”

Maybe he had been mistaken. Maybe there wasn’t anything going on between Devin and Kylie, other than whatever business they’d obviously been discussing. He had to make certain a wedge was between them. Devin had to be out of the picture for his plan to work.

Allen had to play the hand he was being dealt. When he had driven by and seen Devin’s truck parked in KJ’s lot he hadn’t thought much about it. Now two and half hours later it was still parked in the same spot. He was certain he would have caught them if it weren’t for the Gestapo standing in front of him.

“I thought we could talk about James coming to my house for the weekend.”

“And this is sufficient reason to interrupt my meeting, to scream at my employee, and disrupt my customers?”

“He,” Allen threw a thumb toward Jake, “said you were talking to Devin. I didn’t think it was important.”

“Well it was important. You know Devin owns a security agency.”

“Yeah, but who would you need him to track down?” This was getting him nowhere and Kylie was looking more and more aggravated.

“Allen, I’m a business owner and a home owner,” Kylie began, but stopped when she felt Devin walk up behind her. He wasn’t touching her, but she could feel the heat and strength of his body. She drew both around her like an invisible cloak. She always needed his strength, but dealing with Allen left her cold and even more tired and stressed than normal.

“Not that it is any of your business, little brother, but I do more than track people down.” 

Devin wanted to wrap an arm around Kylie, tuck her under his arm and show the world, especially Allen, she belonged to him.

“Allen I’m sorry, but Jamie and I have plans this weekend.” She held up a hand to stop him from speaking. “Before you even ask the answer is no. Our plans cannot be changed. Maybe if you had given me a little notice we could have fit some time in during an afternoon, but as it is, the entire weekend is scheduled.”

“Is Devin in on your plans?”

Kylie sighed and her shoulders dropped but she chose to ignore the question. “I am glad you stopped by though. Jamie has a very busy schedule for the next month or so. He is in several extra circular activities at school and he has some fairly heavy tests coming up. We are going to have to postpone your visitations for a while.”

“Now wait a goddamn minute. You said I could see him.”

“Yes, I did. I also said as long as he is willing and it doesn’t interfere with school or his activities. As I just explained he has a lot going on. Visiting with you is taking away from his practices and study time.”

“If you would let me see him at night instead of always in the goddamn day…”

“Allen. I am not going to argue with you over this. I told you from the start, this would be on my terms, my schedule, and where I wanted. You agreed.”

In Devin’s line of work, watching a person’s body language was important. He had been watching and listening closely to the entire conversation. He was picking up Kylie’s nervousness, a little fear, and a whole lot of aggravation.

He was also picking up dishonesty in Allen. The little bastard was lying. He had his arms crossed over his chest, his eyes were shifty and blinking and his pulse rate had increased if the vain in his neck could be believed. It had started pulsing a little faster the more he spoke. He no more wanted Jamie to spend time with him than he could fly. He was covering. But, why?

“Kylie, I’ll check on that security plan we were discussing and get back to you later this afternoon. Be sure to get me that information I need. My guys will get started immediately.” He placed a slight emphasis on the word immediately. He didn’t trust Allen and with Kylie’s response to him in the office and his brother now, Devin knew the lay of the land. Allen had been shining him on, but for what reason. Did he just want the path to Kylie clear or was his aim to get Devin completely out of the picture? He walked around to the other side of the counter. It was all he could do not kiss her goodbye and then deck Allen as he passed, but he know understood Allen was up to something, he didn’t want to tip his hand.

“Thanks for helping out this morning, Devin. I don’t believe I could have survived without you pitching in.” Kylie took her lead from him. Devin apparently didn’t want Allen to know anything intimate was going on between them. It was either that or what he had said in her office had been said in the heat of the moment. She didn’t think that was the case, but she wasn’t very experienced with men, and she didn’t have Devin’s training to pick up on nuances.
She mentally shrugged it off. The truth would come out sooner or later. “I’ll send over the information you requested as soon as possible.”

“Don’t mention it, Kylie Ann,” Devin reverted to her full name. It had been his way of keeping her at arm’s length when she’d been a minor and way too young for him. He hated doing it now though. He wanted the distance between them removed, but Allen was up to something, and until that something was known and dealt with they would have to play this little game.

Damn it.

Devin doubted he would ever be able to see her as that girl again. He was still fighting his erection at the thought of how she had responded to him. Calling her Kylie Ann when he clutched her pussy was a tactic to get her attention and nothing more, but damn he wanted to lay her out and pet her for a solid month.

“It’s been a while, but I’m still a pretty damn good barista, even if I say so myself.”

Kylie laughed. “No need for you to sing your own praises. The entire morning rush can attest to your talents. If the security and investigation business ever dries up let me know. I’ll put you on the payroll.” She gave him a sassy wink.

Devin’s brows rose.

Kylie laughed again.

He loved her laugh. The way it made her eyes sparkle reminded him of that summer day not so long ago. He frowned at her in mock disagreement. Not many people were privy to the fact that Devin still owned a portion of KJ’s Sweets and Treats. When Kylie set up the company, she had made him a thirty percent owner to repay him the interest she felt he was losing with the no interest loans he had given her. She continued to chuckle, but he caught a look in her eyes.

Kylie was silently telling him it was okay for him to leave. Allen apparently wanted to speak with her, and just as obviously, didn’t want to do so in front of Devin. She waved as he left, missing him already.

Once Devin was gone she turned her attention back to Allen. “Okay. Devin’s gone. What is this really about?”

She watched as Allen blanched. Oh, he was definitely up to something. She’d kill him with her bare hands before she let him take Jamie anywhere.

He had somehow tipped his hand, he thought. “I told you. I want to talk to you about James spending more time with me. I am his father, Kylie.” He hoped that didn’t come across as weak as it sounded to him.

If his plans were to work, he would need to keep Kylie in the dark for as long as possible. However, he first needed her to lower her guard so he could get her in the dark. Bitch had always been too smart for her own good.

Kylie’s brow shot up nearly to her hairline as she stated in disbelief. “You are what?”

“Let’s not fight.”

Allen’s voice was patronizing. Kylie seethed with anger. How dare he? She cleared her voice. “Why don’t you come into my office, Allen? Jake can call me if he needs my help.”

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Savannah lives in the Deep South with her husband and two dogs. She loves animals, travel, and reading. She has traveled and lived throughout the US and Europe during her 25 year marriage and has looked at every move as a new adventure. She enjoys meeting new people, seeing new things, and any type of adventure. She has often thought she would have been an anthropologist if she hadn’t started writing first.

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