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SPOTLIGHT -- Jaden Sinclair's "The Hunt"


The time has come for the annual hunt, a time when males of the Pack are permitted to let loose and do what comes naturally to them-- mate. Only once a year are they allowed to touch the pure, to mate with the select few in hopes of finding that perfect match.
Bastian has been waiting a very long time for the one woman he’s wanted to come of age. Now that she has joined the hunt, there is nothing and no one to stop him from having her.
The laws of the Pack are very clear. You keep what you catch and respect the Alpha. Challenging the Law could mean shedding of blood, death, or worse—banishment! And when one does challenge Bastian he is not afraid to stand up for what’s his.


Sable tried to hold her breath as she watched him walk around the camp. He didn’t raise his head or sniff in the air. He just walked around the fire. The golden lights made his body appear larger than what it was. His sweat shined off the muscles of his chest and arms. 
Legs muscles seemed to bunch a bit as he walked. Now why he was just walking around the fire, she didn’t know. She did wish he would leave like the other two had, so she could climb down and leave.

Making the mistake of looking away from him, Sable didn’t see the charge until it was too late. The male ran fast towards her tree, hitting it with his shoulder so hard that it shook. It caused her to lose her grip on the limb, which in turn had her falling out of the tree.

She screamed as she went down, bracing herself for a hard landing. Instead she landed right in his arms. Strong arms held her close to his hard chest. Her mouth was open in surprise, she wanted to scream at him, but all she could do was look at him, not yet seeing his face.

“Once a tree climber, always a tree climber,” he said. “How—how’d you know?” she stuttered out.

“I’ve watched you for a long time, Sable. Watched you climb up in those trees to watch others. No more watching now. Tonight, the show is you and me.”

“Wh—what are you going to do?”

“I’ve caught you. Now I’m going to claim you as a mate.”

If she had thought earlier about resisting him some, it was too late. With a quick upward motion of his arms, she found herself slung over his shoulder, one arm over her legs. Now at his mercy, Sable couldn’t do a thing as he walked away from the camp back into the woods.

He took a path she didn’t know about. Sable had ventured in the woods many times, on her own, during the day. She wanted to discover every place she could, for this night. However, the path he was taking she didn’t know.

She was just about ready to scream at him to stop when they came out of the woods into another clearing. Sable was able to turn on his shoulder a little bit, to see where they were.

 An old barn came into view but she wasn’t sure who owned it.

He walked right up to the barn like he didn’t have a care in the world. Off in the night a wolf howled and he stopped, turning slightly.

“One of my brothers has just claimed his mate,” he said. Turning back, he began walking again.

Once they reached the barn, he went right inside with her. He didn’t put her down, which was what she had expected him to do. Instead he went deeper into the darkness and up to a built in ladder, leading up into the hay loft.

 “Hold on,” he told her.

Sable didn’t know what he meant, until he started the climb up. Feeling like she might fall face first back to the ground, she grabbed his sides tightly as he climbed upward. Once they reached the top, he walked further back, and then turned to the right, before he dropped her down on a bed made of straw.  

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Jaden Sinclair lives in a small town in Kansas with her husband of eighteen years, two boys and a few pets that keep her hopping. Between sports and the animals it’s a wonder at times how she is able to keep the flow of her writing going. But she does. She has many series in the works and out for your enjoyment, and most known for the Shifter series. Between werewolves, vampires, scifi, new worlds or simple romances, one never really knows what will come out next. So to keep up with what she doing, visit her website: or just simply email her at She’ll love to hear from you!