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SPOTLIGHT -- Izzibella Beau's "Only Time Can Heal"

Only Time Can Heal (Assumption Series 4)


Bentley Shaw is moving on. At last, he’s finishing up his doctorate and hoping to begin his residency program to one day become a surgeon. His past with Ayma and Colton is complicated. Bentley was married to Ayma for a year, long enough to recognize that Colton is her destiny. So, Bentley let her go to be with the one she truly loved. Now, he’s been invited totheir wedding. What will happen is anyone’s guess. But the bigger question is if Bentley will ever allow himself to fall in love again. 

Lilith Greyson is tired of simply being known as Colton’s younger sister. Yes, she’s beautiful, sexy and all grown up now. If only her family would accept the fact that she’s an adult. Graduation is over and Lilith is ready to start her life and find that certain special someone. Unfortunately, no one has turned her head - until she meets her brother’s soon-to-be-wife’s ex-husband again. Bentley Shaw. At first, the attention she gives the handsome hunk is just a game to make Colton angry. But soon Lilith realizes she wants to be more than friends with Bentley. 

As Bentley and Lilith grow closer, it becomes apparent there are many obstacles to overcome before they can focus on a true relationship. Their age difference, her brother’s disliking him, a stalker, and the fact that he lives three thousand miles away are just a few things that stand in their way. The journey to find true love is a rollercoaster of emotion as they face the physical, mental, and emotional obstacles thrown in their path. Can time heal their wounds or will Bentley and Lil be forever damaged?


“The bride and groom will now be doing the tossing of the bouquet and garter. I need Ayma front and center.” The DJ was looking all around for his participant.

“She’s in the bathroom,” came a voice from somewhere in the crowd, which got a chuckle from most people.

“Well, then, looks like its opposite day. Can I have Colton front and center?” The DJ pointed to Colton, who was standing over by the bar with Kade. He downed one last shot and strolled over in front of the DJ’s setup. “I need all single guys out of the floor.” There were about ten guys that went out, including Kade and the guys from the garage.

“Hey.” Ayma’s dad nudged Bentley. “You’re single, get on out there.”

Bentley really didn’t want to do this, but couldn’t think of an excuse to tell. He went over to where the other guys were standing and distanced himself from the little pack. He heard the countdown and watched as the garter went flying out of Colton’s hand and to the right. 

There was a little struggle, but a big whoop was heard when a winner was pronounced. Of course it would have to be Louis, and Bentley was positive that he was hoping for Lilith to get the bouquet.

Ayma finally found time to throw her bouquet. The DJ did the same type of countdown for the ten girls that were standing with their hands in the air waiting for the prize to be flung. 

The bouquet looked as if it was heading straight for Lilith and one other girl. Lilith feigned an attempt to grab it, but let her cousin be the one to snag the bouquet. The girl, who was a couple years younger than Lilith, jumped up and down with excitement. She sat down on the chair and waited for Louis to put the garter belt on her.

“You did that on purpose.” Bentley accused Lilith in a teasingly manner when he finally found her by the bar.
 “Did what?” She grabbed another shot and tossed it down.
“Let the other girl catch the bouquet.”

“Who, me?” Lilith gave him a sly smile like she knew what he was talking about.

“Aw, c’mon. You didn’t want another friendly grab from your one and only.” Bentley watched as Lilith reached for another shot of whiskey and slung it back like it was nothing.

She was feeling pretty good right now. She had her little fix to help her get started on 
the night. She moved a little closer to Bentley and ran her hand up his chest. “I think,” she whispered softly, then moved closer to his ear, “there’s only one person I want to grab me right now.” She slinked back away from him so she could see his expression. It was a mixture of confusion and desire. She picked up another shot and handed it to him, which he willingly accepted. “Have a few of these and we’ll see how you feel about the proposition later.” Lilith strolled away with a bit of a stagger in her step. Bentley downed the shot and reached for another. He would definitely need more of those to get through this night.

Lilith could feel the effects of the alcohol she’d drunk moments before. An arm came around her and a man’s voice whispered in her ear“Pretty lady, why don’t you let me take you home? I promise to take real good care of you.” This was not the voice she wanted to hear.

 Why did Louis have to be so persistent and Bentley so freakin’ uninterested? 

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Izzibella Beau is an author with Beau Coup LLC. She resides on a small farm with her husband and 31 children; 3 biological and 28 canine. Ms. Beau has a master degree in Criminal Justice and many graduate hours in the disciplines of social service and education. Ms. Beau is an advocate of animal rights and supports many rescue groups and causes.

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