Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Serving Him, Volumes I-VI by: M.S. Parker and Cassie Wild

 Volume 1
“I moved to New York from Iowa to find a life that I didn't know I was looking for. I expected to have to work hard and barely make ends meet. But…I never expected to meet HIM.”

For twenty-one year-old Aleena Davison, it was a life-long dream coming true when she said goodbye to her dreary small-town life in Iowa and moved to Manhattan. 
However, it didn’t take long for her dream to turn into a nightmare. Everything from the roommate from hell to her asshole of a boss, contributed to her pain and she’d just about given up. That was…until she ran into devilish handsome, Dominic Snow. 
The mysterious stranger not only tried saving her waitress job, but also made her an offer she couldn’t refuse, a new and much more lucrative job. 
“Strictly professional,” he’d insisted. But could she trust herself working for the hottest man she’d ever met?

Volume 2
“How did it happen? Fairytales don’t become real…do they? Will I wake up in a moment, back in my old apartment, and realize it was all a dream?” 

When twenty-one-year-old, Aleena Davison, gets hired as the new live-in personal assistant for billionaire businessman, Dominic Snow, life seems almost too good to be true. Despite her lack of experience, she manages to impress not only her new boss, but also everyone around her. 
Everything moves along as planned until one day Aleena accidentally walks into the private bedroom of Dominic Snow. What she sees will change her life, forever. 

Volume 3

“Faced with the racist insults from Dominic’s mother, I realized that my new job of serving HIM was no fairytale after all. Now I had a choice to make. Stay or get the hell out.” 

Aleena Davison is a strong and smart woman, but can she play in the wicked games the women of New York’s high society play? Especially when they play by different rules? 

Volume 4
“Dominic Snow wanted me. I never doubted that fact, but I was doing what I'd promised myself I wouldn't do. I was falling for him, and I couldn't help thinking I'd made a terrible mistake.” 

Aleena Davison's life is quickly spinning out of control. Her rich, gorgeous boss is taking her to heights of sexual pleasure that she'd never imagined, but it's quickly becoming apparent to her that, no matter what he says, sex is all she is to Dominic. She, however, wants more. When things come to a head, will Dominic be willing to give up some of his control or will Aleena walk away? 

Volume 5
“I'd said the words, told him that I loved him, and he hadn't said them back. After all he'd been through, I understood, but the absence of them left me feeling more vulnerable than ever before.” 

As Aleena Davison finds herself falling deeper in love with her boss, Dominic Snow, her feelings leave her open to the malicious nature of socialite Penelope Rittenour. More than anything, Aleena wants to know where she stands with Dominic, but something else seems to be occupying his mind lately. She just hopes it isn't someone else. 

Volume 6
I'd never wanted anything as much as I wanted Dominic Snow. I wanted all of him. His strengths and his weaknesses. His past, present and future. I just hoped that digging into that past wouldn't break us. 

Aleena Davison thinks that her relationship with her handsome, wealthy boss, Dominic, is going well. He's opening up, understanding what it means to be in a relationship outside the bedroom, but when he tells her that he's looking into his past, she's afraid that he'll start to close himself off again. As secrets are revealed will they harm or heal the man she loves? 

FYI, I'm giving my review of the six novella's as a whole and not each individual one....

Let me start of with WOW! What a fantastic read! I literally couldn't put the books down and totally adored Aleena and Dominic. They're chemistry was on fire and their connection is just adorable.

There were some serious moments that you felt so connected with Aleena and the position she finds herself in. Down on your luck girl gets dream job with hottie boss...that happens to everyone, right?! In our fantasy for sure!

Dominic is an amazing character. Not nearly as "alpha" as I would actually imagine someone in his position...but he puts off enough of the alpha vibe that it works. His background is thoroughly captivating and I really wish there was more to it. I felt like it was just more brushed over here and there instead of really dedicating more to it. But what was there, was really great! 

These two overcome some serious obstacles in the forms of family, friends, and the past. Nothing is easy for them but they work so well together and make you always feel like there's hope for people that grow up so differently between race, money, status, etc...and fall so head over heals for one another.

Overall, amazing read! Loved all six novellas!