Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SPOTLIGHT -- "Terminal Romance" by: Aurora Zahni

Most rational people can agree to the fact that time and space are relative. The same could be said about love and romance. Hilary Palmer isn’t like most rational people and lives by a different set of rules than the rest of the world. Heller Park’s greatest waitress returns in an entirely different type of adventure.
Hilary has near limitless power as the universe’s last stand against irregularities in space and time, but there's always a toll to pay for such control. She is not allowed to fall in love. Correction, she can fall in love, but the universe just won’t let it stick.
Now the Van Allen file has gone missing and the integrity of the space time continuum is in jeopardy. Will her team of new friends and old loves be able to restore order before it’s too late?
Doomed love, duels to the death, an evil twin and pie. What more could you ask for?



“Hil, why are we here?”
“Track, soon you’ll be gone. We may never see each other again. Or, if we do, who’s to say next time you won’t fall in love with me. Right now, in this moment, we are here. And my roommates are not.” She motioned to her room to make sure he understood. “Just once, I want to hold you in my own bed. Just so I can always say I did. Is that selfish?”
Track said nothing.

“Come to bed,” she half-demanded, half-pleaded.

She entered her room and left the door open for Track, removing her clothes as she approached her bed, knowing Track would follow.

She slipped under the covers and stared at the door until his eyes met hers. She moved over to the edge of the bed to give him room to join her, leaning on her side. She felt his arms wind around her, and her hair being pushed to the side so he could kiss her neck. He pressed closer to her, and she could tell he was naked too.

She turned to meet his kisses head on, and they lost themselves. Hilary ran her hands down his back, and he grabbed her by the waist. She was always amazed that no matter how many times his memory was erased, he could always find his way around her body so confidently.

He lay down on his back, and Hilary laid her chin on his chest, staring at him for a moment. His eyes cried passion, fear, and dedication.

That is what she wanted. 

He touched her face and lifted her onto his lap. She leaned into him, wrapped her arms around his neck, and gave him a desperate kiss. He’d be gone soon, and she’d be the one pushing him away, so she needed him now. Maybe it was selfish, but in the moment, it was everything and more. 

Track’s hands roamed from her breast to her back and then to her legs. He too sensed the urgency. He guided Hilary onto her back, and they began. Hilary closed her eyes and arched her neck, letting him fully take over, enjoying a moment of clarity and ecstasy before the universe let it disintegrate for the greater good.