Monday, August 24, 2015

SPOTLIGHT -- "Determined & Derailed" by: Gracie Wilson

What happens when you stumble upon something you can’t turn a blind eye to? In one blinding instant my life is turned upside down.

During all the chaos that has become my life, I find friendships are tested, loyalties are betrayed and those left whom I love are put in danger or killed.

I can only count on me. Three men are in my life, but they each have their own motives. My only motive is to make it out of this alive. I don’t even know if that is possible.

My name is Alexis Storm and my answer to the storm which my life has become is to fight back at all costs – to survive.


I began to stir and heard the sirens. “We have something over here.” I heard a man yell and I felt like I weighed a thousand pounds. I could barely keep my eyes open. “Cohen.” I cried. “Don’t let anyone back here until I assess the scene.” I heard screaming and vaguely remembered my name being called, but it wasn’t enough to make me move. “Lexi.” My brain began to kick in and I knew it was Jax. “Alexis. Stop, let me through. Get your hands off of me, she’s my daughter. I need to see her. Alexis.” My eyes broke open and I was groggy, but one word passed through. “Tory?” There was a man checking me over to make sure I was okay and he smiled down at me. “Just hang in there, sweetie, we are going to get you to a hospital.” I could still hear screaming and scuffling. “I want my dad. Tory…” He nodded his head. “You need to relax and conserve your energy.” He stood up and waved over some people. “Let her dad through, name’s Tory.” I heard footsteps running and in an instant I felt hands brush against my head. “Alexis” I opened my eyes and saw Tory looking down at me with tears in his eyes. “Thank God you’re okay. But where’s Cohen, Lexi?” I felt my heart drop and I didn’t know what to say. “Tory, I’m sorry… I couldn’t…I tried…” I was in shambles and the wails that came from me spoke of my heartbreak. “Shhh, sweetheart. I’m going to take care of everything, just relax.” I was now being picked up and put onto a stretcher when I heard another man talking. “We have three dead, two men and a woman.” I looked to Tory and he now understood about Cohen. I felt like the darkness was coming back to take me under. Something didn’t feel right. “Tory, you’ve been the best dad anyone could ask for, I love…you.” I began to fade into the darkness and the last thing I heard was the EMT yelling. “We’re losing her.”