Monday, August 3, 2015

SPOTLIGHT -- Just Once More by: Izzibella Beau

Everyone falls in love at least once in their lives, sometimes many times over. Young love, aging love, forever love, forbidden love.. and then there is the One Love. It consumes your life and makes every minute of every day worth living...the one love that leaves you breathless.

Emery Warden was an average eighteen-year-old girl--as average as one can be for having a terminal illness. She wanted to keep life simple and get through what time was left unscathed. No hurt, no pain, no heartache, so being a loner was her remedy for life. Emery just wanted to get through school and reach all the goals she had set for herself.

None of that included meeting and falling in love with Austin.
Austin Murray never got into trouble. As part of the elite at school--the football team--he never had to own up to any trouble. That all changed when trouble caught up with him. The last thing he expected when he began his mandatory volunteer work at the hospital was a girl who had no interest in him at all. He couldn't say the same: the more he got to know Emery, the more he fell in love with her. She was different from every other girl he’d ever been involved with, and had no idea how that would change when he uncovered her secret...

Young love is a sweet love that will always be remembered, one that makes us who we are, and one that will leave us feeling alive...and breathless.


As soon as they were in her room Austin plopped down on the bed and pulled Emery on top of him. He ran his hands along her back and finally settled on her butt. “Did you and Laney have your talk?” He felt Emery nod her head yes. She was snuggled in close with her head lying on his chest. “Did you tell her all the times you said ‘ohhh, Austin, more…more’?” His voice was a few octaves higher on the last statement as he was trying to imitate Emery.
A quick playful slap to Austin’s chest and Emery sat upright. “I did not moan like that.” She straddled him as he still lay on the bed and whispered in his ear, “It was more like ‘ohhh, baby…ohhhh…give it to me harder’.” She giggled and sat upright again.
Austin groaned and fixed himself in his jeans. She had him going again and he knew he wouldn’t be able to relieve any of this sexual tension with her parents being here. “You suck.” He kissed her sweetly on the lips and tried to stand up. 
Emery grabbed his hand before he had the chance to stand up fully. She pushed him back on the bed and then ran over to the door. The lock quietly clicked as if she tried to be sneaky and lock the door without her parents hearing. She ran back to the bed and sat on him once again. “I suck.” She repeated his words back to him as she began to kiss along his neck. The kisses followed a trail down to the waist of his jeans. Emery slowly unbuttoned and unzipped them and then reached her hand underneath the band of his boxers. Her hand began a rhythmic motion on his already enlarged member. After a few gentle strokes, the jeans and boxers were pushed further down and Emery’s teasing lips replaced where her hand had just been.
With the pressure building and the feeling of exploding getting close, Austin knew he had to keep everything silent. He pulled Emery’s pillow over his face and groaned as softly as he could when he came so that hopefully nothing would be heard outside of the room.
This was Emery’s first attempt at this kind of sexual pleasuring. She knew she could either remove her mouth right before he had his orgasm or follow through with the whole plan and take it all in. Emery decided on the latter and felt the thick, warm liquid fill her mouth. She swallowed and then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand for any residual that may been left. She straightened herself up and looked up at Austin. He still had the pillow over his face and was breathing in deep pants. Emery peeled the pillow away and saw that his eyes were closed and a look of exhaustion was written on his face. “Are you okay?” She rolled onto the side and tried to fix up his clothes.
Austin pulled himself back together and opened his eyes. Emery was staring at him with a concerned look on her face, like she’d done something wrong or may have hurt him somehow. “That was amazing.” He fixed his jeans and sat up next to her. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. “Do you think your parents heard? Was I loud?” All he could picture was her mom and dad listening in on them.
Emery smiled. “You mean, ‘oh, Emery, you’re the best…ohhh…ohhh’.” She tried to fake a sound like the one Austin had muffled during their interlude.
Austin gave her a small push. “I’m being serious. Is your dad going to kick my ass when we go out there?”
“They are most likely in the living room watching either some crime show or the news. It will be fine. They didn’t hear anything. Can you hear them?” She wanted him to take a long listen and prove that nothing could be heard from her bedroom at the end of the hallway down to the living room at the opposite end of the house.