Thursday, August 20, 2015

Stepbrother FML by: Claire Adams

Mia has always been "one of the guys," and with her

friends in the Phi Kappa Alpha fraternity it's no different. But when one of the senior members of the frat, Jaxon, starts to pay more attention to her, she isn't sure whether to go for the attractive and athletic guy or to just keep things the way they've always been. Her mind is made up when Jaxon makes a move--but then she's thrown into confusion as he goes out of his way to ignore and snub her after they sleep together. Mia decides to move on with her life--right up until her mother announces her marriage, and introduces her to her new stepbrother... wow.

**I'm reviewing this "mini series" as a whole**

Mia and Jaxon's story started off with a bang! I loved getting to know Mia and her connection with the 'guys' at the frat house and how they became friends. I really adored her right off the bat. Same with Jaxon, he was sweet and adorable and I just loved how he treated Mia even when they were just flirting.

But once the deed was done, it went downhill from there.

Mia became utterly annoying with her repetitive mental narration of what happened. Talk about over thinking it! 

The barrage of going through the motions over and over and over and over and over....I don't think I could handle it again if she said one more time "the look on my mom's face..." along with many other lines that were the same! 

There is no doubt that Mia and Jax's sexual chemistry is off the charts hot! But I just wasn't a big fan of the story as a whole.