Monday, January 20, 2014

Affliction By: Laurell K. Hamilton

In Affliction, Anita, Micha, and Nathaniel all head back to Micha's hometown because his dad has fallen ill. Micha wants to make amends for leaving the family 10 years ago before his dad dies.

While visiting, they find that flesh eating zombies and rotting vampires are all but taking over and attacking locals citizens and hikers causing the fatal disease that is plaguing Micha's dad. Being the good Marshal she is, Anita takes over the case. Though it's somewhat upsetting that she can't just be there for Micha, we all know and love her and we all know Anita wouldn't do anything less. Since the disease is obviously paranaturally caused, she feels it's her duty to find the culprit. Even the infamous Edward comes to town to help with the "zombie apocalypse". ::Swoon::  Gotta love me some Edward.

In this latest installment of the Anita Blake series, #22 out of 22, fans are sure to be fulfilled with all requirements that Laurel Hamilton promises in her stories.

Sex, mushy love, crime solving, name it, this one has it.

Anita finally realizes she's in love with another one of her men...I'm very happy with this because I really feel that he deserves her love. He goes against everything she really believes in, since he's a sociopath and all, but she loves him regardless and though she starts to pick at it to try and fracture those feelings, she quickly realizes what she's doing and stops.

Marriage in the air!? I could have screamed I was so happy when she opened the shower curtain to find you know who standing there! I always wanted him to come and help her, and I just wanted to cry happy tears for her with the proposal!

I've really loved being a part of Anita's last 6-7 years. I had a lot of fun watching her come to accept who she is and what she is.

So much humor, love, and mystery all rolled into one.

This series literally meets all requirements for books that I just love reading. Especially since they are all so different from each other.

Starting out, they were just really about the mystery. Then the books moved onto love. Then onto being a "monster". To being OK with the "monsters". Then changing up just sex to serious erotica. Even to BDSM. All while keeping all the previous topics in each book!

Seriously, Laurell K. Hamilton is a fantastic author. I don't just feel like Anita is just another character I've read, but really become to love.