Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kiss The Dead By: Laurell K. Hamilton

I definitely can't get enough of Anita Blake. I love her. I love all the men in her life, and I can't stop reading her books....

In Kiss The Dead, Anita's main focus is on finding a master vampire who is turning children/teens/elderly into vampires. In the matter of a few days this group of mundane looking people start kidnapping/murder/plotting deaths. This mysterious "Benjamin" is just a name in this book, but I'm sure we will actually meet Benjamin in another book down the road.

Drama llama Asher strikes again. Asher is back to having problems with not being the single "sweetie" to someone. Devil has become the main boyfriend for Asher, but it's just not enough since Dev likes girls too. Jean-Claude and Anita are at their wits end.

Nicky suffers an unfortunate circumstance when he fills in to feed the ardeur for Anita.

There is a new main character, Marshal Arlen Brice...he definitely seems like he's going to be a fun character...but there is still something just not right about him. He seems to know just too much about Anita and I think there maybe more to it.

As always, Laurell Hamilton's world is absolutely amazing. Even after 21 books, I can't wait for more. She has such a great mind and creative side and can seriously makes your really care about the characters, each and every single one of them...even the drama llama.

Easily 5 out of 5 Stars!