Friday, January 10, 2014

Surrender To Me By: Shayla Black

Not one of my favorite Wicked Lovers books, Surrender to Me, the fourth installment, but still a good read.

This is Hunter and Kata's story.

Called in to help fulfill his army buddy's "neighbor friend" sexual fantasy...a menage a tois....Hunter meets Kata in Las Vegas and it's lust at first sight. After a drinking the night through, Kata wakes to find that she's gone and married Hunter. A beefy hunk of Dominance....oh the shame!

Any who, someone is after Kata and threatening her life. Hunter being the good husband and Dom, he wants to protect her and keep her safe, all while she is terrifed of submitting totally to Hunter.

Kata is seriously one of the most annoying people I ever had to pleasure to read about, lol. She is so absolutely terrified of submitting to her husband for fear of losing who she really is as a person. Ok, I'm sure it's very understandable given her family history, but sometimes you just gotta go with your gut, Kata! ;-)   Which of course, she finally does.

When the opportunity arises that she will lose doesn't take her but seconds to change her mentality on the whole situation. At that part, I seriously was like "really?", just like that? Fighting left and right, tooth and nail through the whole book, trying to get away from her feelings... then without even really needing to think about it she changes all her opinions? Good grief.

Again, still a very good read. I adore all of the characters in the Wicked Lovers series and can't wait to continue on.

On a side note, I tell you what though, I would have LOVED to have read about Kata's training during Hunter's 6 months away...dear lord! Please....Shayla Black...make a novella out of that!!!