Friday, January 10, 2014

Delicious By: Shayla Black

Book number 3 in the Wicked Lovers, Delicious.

Alyssa, the owner of Sexy Sirens strip club, has been smitten with Luc since the moment she laid eyes on him. Luc has been trying to steer clear of Alyssa because she just didn't quite meet his ideal "wife" standards.

But since they had hours upon hours of hot sweaty sex in the previous book, Luc knows he is in a major dilemma between how he should feel and how he actually feels.

Doesn't help that someone is stalking and trying to harm the entrepreneur and Luc just happens to have some bodyguard experience...

In the relationship of Luc and Alyssa, there are many mis-communications and mistrust between both of them. 

Focused on finding the perfect "mother" for his future children, Luc doesn't think Alyssa fits the bill. Regardless that he's in love with her. Alyssa just doesn't want to admit to Luc how she truly feels about him because she is scared of how he will react. 

I've never found myself wanting to scream at a book so badly before! I love the relationship between Luc and Alyssa, love it so much. But sometimes I just wanted to yell at them that they're being incredibly foolish! HAHA.

Seriously though, really good story. Kept me on edge and even got me smacking my head a couple times! That's a first!