Friday, January 10, 2014

Decadent By: Shayla Black

In the second installment of Wicked Lovers, Decadent, we follow the menage trio of Deke, Luc, and Kimber. 

With the arrival of Kimber to learn the ways of menage to please another man, it quickly becomes more to Deke and Luc.

Problem lies with a troublesome past of Deke's that he isn't able to have a woman all to himself. In my opinion, he is very whiny. For being such a strong man/bodyguard, his emotional capacity is nill. He becomes terrified of wanting Kimber all to himself because he's never been in any sort of relationship with a woman by himself before, but he doesn't want to share Kimber with anyone anymore. Including his best bud/cousin, Luc.

Emotions run high when Kimber and Deke both decide to split off from Luc, and poor Luc is still falling for the idea of what Kimber can represent. 

I've never read a menage with this situation before. I'm sure it isn't completely out of the question but I can honestly say I didn't like that plot. All the menage books I've read have been solely about sharing. Never that one wanted out. Though I understand the reasoning and such, I was a bit let down by that twist.

I really love menage books. I love the understanding and feelings the groups have for one another, the love they have for one another, and fear of leaving someone out. Sadly, this just wasn't one of my favorites, but that's ok. It definitely won't stop me from continuing the series or from me reading more of Shayla Black. I love her work and I'm eager to complete this series!