Wednesday, January 22, 2014

All The Pretty Lies By: M. Leighton

What a great story!

Sloane and Hemi meet at the tattoo parlor that Hemi runs when Sloane decides to rebel against her over protective family and get a tattoo on her 21st birthday.

They're both artists and quickly fall for one another.

They both have their own secrets that they won't share with anyone let alone one another. 

Though lies were told and/or truth kept secret, these two really prove that true love exists. 

Very good story. I love the way M. Leighton writes with each chapter being from the others perspective. It really helps get to know EACH character and not just the one.

All the Pretty Lies was very entertaining and a hard book to put down. It was a very easy read and sometimes there is just nothing better than reading a good love story.

Can't wait for All the Pretty Poses! But I will definitely be happy to re-read this one!