Sunday, January 26, 2014

Belong To Me By: Shayla Black

At this point, I'm just about half way through with Belong To Me...seriously...I can't put it down! I love this story!!

Tara and Logan are probably near as soul mates as you can ever dream. Their connection is raw and captivating.

I adore how they react to one another and it's not in that overpowering mushy mushy were it's more like, 'ugh gag me'. It's just enough that you really feel their connection and are utterly jealous of it.

Now, I'm finished with it, and most definitely this is my favorite Wicked Lover book so far.

It's funny because I honestly went into this story with the thought that I wouldn't like it it. Mostly because I was so excited about Hunter's story and really wasn't a fan of that one. Then learning Belong to Me was Logans, I thought it was going to be something of the same thing since we already knew a bit of Logan's history.

But, low -and-behold, a great story!

Tara's training as a sub, their sexual energy together, their love for one another, just amazing. Such a great story!