Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mine To Hold By: Shayla Black

Delaney, aka Del, and Tyler met through Del's husband, Eric, who was LAPD partners with Tyler.

They fast became friends and then the support system for one another in bad times. One night, Eric's wicked thoughts led him to watching his wife have sex with his partner, Tyler after Eric was left paralyzed from the waist down after an on-the-job accident. Little did Eric know just how much Del and Tyler were going to enjoy it.

Tyler was always the love 'em and leave 'em type of guy. He was when he first met Del, and got even worse when he moved to Louisiana and became Alyssa's bouncer at Sexy Sirens. It's all he knows. It's what he's good at. But he's so in love with Delaney and will do anything to prove that he is what she needs. But after their quick love affair in front of Eric, Del asks Tyler to leave so she can try to fix her marriage.

Two years later, Del comes back into Tyler's life with a special request, and an even bigger surprise. Through the next week Tyler is protecting Delaney from the bad guys in LA after quiting Sexy Sirens and joining Jack Cole's services. Tyler is falling deeper and deeper in love with Delaney and vica-versa.

I loved that neither Tyler nor Del had any totally impure thoughts of one another before that one night. Nothing more than normal human impulses at least. But from the first moment they touched, they melted together and never looked back.

I felt bad for Eric in the beginning when he's trying to coach Tyler into how Del is in the sack, but...obviously he isn't what his wife needs because he's totally wrong on all accounts. I also found it hilarious though.

Tyler and Del love is unmistakable. Others can see it from miles away and I even felt a hint of jealousy from Alyssa. I don't think it was meant in any obvious way, but I really felt it.

This was another great read. Shayla Black doesn't disappoint with some hot sexy scenes and pure alpha masculinity. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to continue the Wicked Lovers series!