Thursday, February 27, 2014

Devotion By: Nicole Edwards

**Must read Temptation first**

Could this series get any better??

Seriously, I am absolutely in love with Devotion. Though Temptation was a great story, I was left wanting and left sad that we didn't get to know the relationship between Luke and Cole more. I love the threesome of Luke, Cole, and Sierra, but I had felt there just wasn't enough of Luke and Cole alone.

I had no idea Nicole Edwards continued this adorable menage couple's story with Devotion.
(Once I find a series I like, I tend not to read the description or reviews of other books in the series because I like being surprised about who the story is about and the plot....I know, I'm weird)

So....Luke, Cole, and Sierra have really been busy between closing the doors on Club Destiny, having baby Hannah, and Luke's stressful position at CISS. Things are becoming severely mundane and each of the three are all feeling like they're missing something.

It's hard enough being in a serious relationship with two people, but it's even harder when it's three. Cole is feeling like the third wheel, Luke is so overwhelmed with what to do with Club Destiny, and Sierra is busy being a new mom. No one is really making time for anyone else and there is a severe lack of communication. Tensions run high and patience snaps...a few times.

Once these three lovely people figure out what needs to be done to make everyone feel complete, their relationship is back on STEAMY. Seriously, they share some of the hottest scenes ever! Yum.

I think it's because of the relationship with Luke and Cole that makes the scenes so good. Other menage threesomes relationship books I've read, the two men aren't in love with each other as well as with the female. But I like where Nicole Edwards goes with them all being in love with each other. Makes it even more sensual and delicious.

Oh and how can I forget...we also get a little peek at Xander....ummmm, yea....I think we are in for a fun ride with Xander!

Seriously, a great read! I absolutely love everyone in the Club Destiny and Alluring Indulgences series! Can't wait for them to continue!