Monday, February 10, 2014

One Dom To Love By: Shayla Black

(All authors: Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob, and Isabella Lapearl)

What a fun read this was!

Raine has been living at the BDSM club that Hammer owns. He's been taking care of her and watching over her since Hammer found Raine on the streets as a teenager after she left her abusive dads house.

Raine is happier than ever taking care of everyone at the club, as well as crushing on the owner, Hammer. She wants to be able to participate in scenes and be with Hammer, but he won't give her the time of day. But anything else that can walk, he bangs.

In walks Liam, Hammer's best bud. Liam notices how Raine is around Hammer and gives her what she wants. He agrees to train Raine! Super sexy and hot Irishman teaching her the ropes of a D/s relationship...what could go wrong!? Hammer's jealously, that's what!

Some seriously hot and sizzling scenes at the club!

Once Raine realizes Hammers jealous of Liam, she tries to take the situation into her own hands by "seducing" him regardless of wearing Liam training collar. Probably one of the best scenes I've read in a long time.

Liam tries to take Raine out of the club scenery but not only does Raine not handle it well, Hammer goes off the deep end. Possessive isn't even the correct term for him.

Liam and Raine both develop feelings for one another even though Raine still is in love with Hammer. Needless to say, there's some words exchanged with Liam and Hammer.