Monday, February 10, 2014

Kaleb By: Nicole Edwards


What a great opening book for the Alluring Indulgence series! I've heard many things about these books so I am super happy to finally start reading them.

Kaleb starts the series off. He's one of the older Walker brothers, there's seven of them! Yum.... The three oldest want to open a new resort, special invite only if you know what I mean, but they need to buy some more property owned by their next door neighbor, whom just happens to be the father of Kaleb's best friend, Zoey. 

Zoey and Kaleb have been friends for years. They know everything about each other. Zoey even knows some of those sexual fantasy rumors about Kaleb are true...not that she experienced them herself though! Heaven forbid! 

Well, at least until one night when she opens her big mouth telling her girlfriend Vanessa that she's fantasized about kissing Kaleb before and he happens to be standing right behind her! Chemistry sizzles from there!

They decide to become friends with benefits and hot and steamy doesn't even begin to describe their encounters! Zoey is way more into the dirty kinky stuff than Kaleb could have ever dreamed! So much so, she agrees to multiple menage scenes with Kaleb and his buddy Gage. Not that she wants a relationship with both, just a good time. Kaleb and Zoey quickly fall in love with each other since they already had feelings to begin with.

Wow...just wow. Super yummy scenes that don't ever seem to end! No complaints here!

Also, not that you have to read them ahead of time....but characters from the Club Destiny series, also by Nicole Edwards, make an appearance here, and I'm assuming they will in more too. So, now I wish I had read them first, just for my preference of knowing who people are but I am definitely going to read those next!