Sunday, February 9, 2014

Unconditional By: Lexi Blake

Oh my goodness!

Hot hot hot!!

In this sensual novella from the glorious Lexi Blake, Master Keith has agreed to train Jill's little sister, Ashley. Ian thinks Ashley needs to come out of her "pushover" shell and become the sub she is destined to be. Ashley, of course, agrees to the wonderful arrangement.

It doesn't take Ashley long to really start falling for Keith. He's everything she really wants in a man and treats her as such. Except for one aspect....her daughter, Emily. 

Keith has a very hard time dealing with the 'kid' in this situation. Understandably so considering his past heartbreak. You really feel sorry for Keith but you also really wish he would just grow a pair.

When he finally realizes that he wants everything that Ashley has to offer, it takes some time and patience for him to come around to Emily. And when he does, my god, so stinkin cute!

Also, Damon makes his debut appearance at Sanctum after his tragic accident. :) Yum, can't wait for his book to come out in a few months!