Thursday, February 13, 2014

Travis By: Nicole Edwards

My goodness. I think this series get steamier and steamier as we go!

Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed it took so long for Travis, Gage, and Kaylie to finally get their freaky-deaky on...but totally worth the wait! Steamy, doesn't even cover it...maybe "foggy"?
(LOL, you'll laugh at that when you read the book)

Ok, Travis and Kaylie are married! Goodness-gracious. Gage let that one leak at the end of Zane as payback for outing him as a cop to his brothers. Nice payback, Gage. Pretty harsh though since Travis hasn't seen his wife in ten years!

Yes, Kaylie and Travis got married when they were young. Silly, young innocent minds don't think things through though do they? Travis, who tried to be 'normal' got scared the Kaylie wouldn't accept his want of a polygamous relationship, so he up and left her without giving her a chance to even decide.

Gage, as we all know is best friends with Kaleb and has been the third for Kaleb and Zoey. Once Gage met Kaylie though, all thoughts of anymore threesomes with Kaleb and Zoey are null. He only has eyes for Kaylie and Travis.

Once these three finally start acting upon their urges, things just get better and better.

This is my first threesome/menage book that the men are attracted to one another as well. Before, the men were always about sharing, but Travis is the first I've read where things get hot and heavy with the two alpha males not only by themselves with their woman as well. Seriously, pretty darn hot!

The main obstacle in this book is Kaylie accepting/overcoming that this type of relationship is what she wants. She's all for it until her dad finds out not only that she's been married all this time but also now part of a polygamous relationship.

Also, Alluring Indulgence finally opens!! WhooHOO!!