Friday, February 14, 2014

Ethan By: Nicole Edwards

Hunky men? Check
Sexy scenes? Check
Temptation at it's best? Check

Ethan is a great read! This is the fourth installment of the Alluring Indulgence series. Yum...

The love between Ethan Walker and Beau Bennett is absolutely heart warming and adorable! I'm so happy that Beau was able to find someone he truly loves and doesn't just have a mild infatuation on.

Beau has been attracted to Ethan since he finally accepting being gay just a year before. Ethan, is basically a man-whore who doesn't date and doesn't do relationships of any kind. But Ethan has a special attraction to Beau and knows if anything happens, it wouldn't be just his normal routine with other guys.

It also doesn't help that Ethan isn't officially "out" to his family yet. Sure, they all know...but he hasn't actually come out of the closet to them yet. Beau hasn't told his parents yet either, but since he hardly has a relationship with them as it is, he doesn't really think too much of it. At least, not at first.

The bully who tortured and beat up Ethan as a teenager is back in town and hell bent on continuing his bullying...forcing Ethan to reveal his secrets to his family. 

These two are simply adorable together. Their attraction is honest and down right dirty, lol. Not a minute in this book that you aren't on the edge of your seat with sexual tension and steamy romance.

***On a side note, you should read Holidays with the Walker Brothers before this book****