Monday, February 17, 2014

Ours to Love By: Shayla Black

Oh, I'm so sad that I didn't enjoy this book.

I found myself rolling my eyes more than I even care to admit...

We've met Xander previously because he was Logan's go-to guy on many occasions. Xander is the playboy billionaire that just wants to have fun, screw woman, and help his friends out of sticky situations for the adrenalin rush. Since his big brother, Javier, won't allow him anything to do with the family business, he needs something to do to pass the time, right?

Javier is drowning himself in guilt and vodka because he feels responsible for his wife's infidelity which resulted in her tragic death. He refuses to allow Xander to help him in any way, personal or business.

Introduce London. Sexy Siren's owner Alyssa's inexperienced little cousin. London's had a seriously rough life after a tragic car accident handicapped her for nearly ten years. She fought through it with physical therapy and determination, and now that she's got a good medical regimen she is ready to live life to it's fullest.

Technically, London meets Javier first, though he was too drunk to remember London helping him into his bed at Alyssa's house. Xander meets London not long after with an interesting accidental strip tease that perks Xanders interest and he quickly becomes smitten. Just a few hours later, London interviews for a position available to be Javier's administrative assistant. Of course, she gets the job instantly.

Xander and Javier are both extremely attracted to London and thoroughly smitten with her. They decide that instead of fighting over her, they should share her because they both possess qualities that will benefit her.

Lot of fun, dirty sex later, and London is just seriously overwhelmed. Keeping in mind, all of this is taking place within a week. 

The playboy billionaire, and the overworked alcoholic both seem to be able to fall head over heels in love with London while committing to change their ways. As well as work together in a polygamous relationship that neither have ever tried before...all because they shared well when they were kids....good grief!

The thing I am most sad about is that Xander just isn't the same guy that we've come to know and love in the other books. If he wants to change his ways to fall in love, I'm all for it...but his personality is just so different and it breaks my heart. I was not a fan of Javier in the least though. I can't say that about many characters I've read, but he just wasn't someone I could relate to at all. 

Overall, not a terrible story. Just not one of my favorites.