Monday, March 17, 2014

All The Pretty Poses By: M. Leighton

Another great read from author M. Leighton. I absolutely love her work and this second book of the 'Pretty' series didn't disappoint.

Continuing not long after Sloane and Hemi's story, we are following Hemi's older brother Reese and his passion for dancer/old flame, Kennedy.

Kennedy and Reese had one amazing summer together when teenagers. Young and carefree (for the most part), these two become so much more for one another, until Reese vanishes from Kennedy's life for over 14 years.

It isn't until Reese is visiting one his of his dancing clubs with his younger brother, Sloane and her brother Sig, that he runs into Kennedy again...and of course she is one of the dancers! Immediately back to being smitten with her, Reese offers to hire Kennedy as entertainment for his fantasy cruise.

Exotic sites, huge cruise yacht, sexy old flame....who wouldn't be happy with those arrangements?! While Kennedy has more reasons than anyone I've ever met to not trust anyone, she's doesn't take long to rekindle her emotions regarding Reese, thought it isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

M. Leighton is great at throwing curve balls when you least expect it. No different with All the Pretty Poses...I was definitely caught off guard a few times. But SO worth it! Shouldn't say 'but'....not like it pissed me off or anything! about I rephrase to just 'SO worth it!'.....there, that's better.

I still think of my favorite parts is when Kennedy is delivered a white envelope by one of the crew mates from none other than the deeply sexy, was just so epic-ally done and hilarious! You'll have to read the book to find out what was in said envelope! HAHA!