Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Come Away With Me By: Kristen Proby

I think I've become so accustomed to love stories have some deeper darker plot twists and turns that to read a love story without one, I feel like I'm missing something. LOL.

Come Away With Me is a very cute story if you really want to read about some serious happily ever after.

Natalie has had some hardships in her life that most people will never encounter. Though she tells her sexy stranger "mugger" about them after less than 24 hours after meeting, which I found very peculiar. Sexy stranger "mugger", aka Luke Williams, though doesn't fess up his secret to Natalie about who he really is until a few days pass.

No real twists and turns here, this is strictly Natalie and Luke's story about two people that just know when it's right. Everything clicks immediately and they move quite fast. Spending all their free time together and really getting to know one another.

Natalie is a local photographer and does some amazing work in her studio as well as outside of it. I seriously love Nat's character. She's funny as hell, sassy, and not afraid to say not only what's on her mind but what she wants. I absolutely adore her.

Luke is a little spitfire himself. Though he is incredibly romantic, doing things for Natalie constantly that most people can only dream of ever happening. Who wouldn't love the romantic man that can cook?!

Overall, Come Away With Me was a very cute book. I know it's a part of a series though I don't think I'm going to continue the series just yet. But I'm sure I will eventually.