Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dark Prince By: Christine Feehan

~*~Book Description~*~

Prince of the Night. 

He came to her in the night, a predator -- strength and power chiseled his features. The seduction was deep and elemental; he affected her soul. His need. His darkness. His terrible haunting loneliness. Her senses aroused, she craved the dangerous force of his body. Burned for him. And he had only touched her with his mind.

Lady of the Light

She came to him at dawn, his bleakest hour. As the beast raged inside him, threatening to consume him, he vented his centuries-old despair in an anguished cry that filled the waning night. And she answered, a ray of light, piercing his darkness. A beautiful angel. Her compassion, courage, and innocence awakened in him an exquisite longing and tenderness. He knew he must possess her, for only she could tame his savage side and lift the dark shadow from his soul. Apart they were desolate, bereft. Intertwined physically and spiritually, they could heal one another and experience an eternity of nights filled with love

~*~My Review~*~

Is it bad I'm not all that impressed with this book?

I've seen so many people read this LONG series and just rave about it. I'm sure I will feel completely different if I continue on with the series.....which I intend to do.

That being said...

I loved how this book started. Getting to know the place Mikhail is at, knowing he is so alone and tired of the isolation  and to all of a sudden hear a very feminine voice filter through his head and speak with him, well it was just adorable.

Raven has the gift of hearing others thoughts. A very rare gift for a mere human. She also is alone in the world and is currently vacationing in a remote city far away to get away from the stresses of her job.

Once she and Mikhail meet is where my eye rolling begins. I'm not judging or bring mean to Christine Feehan, she has a great gift for writing. My eye rolling was the extent of how powerful their love is so quickly, but I do that with most stories that have this kind of connection so quickly. My extreme eye rolling was because of the fact that it was so repetitive. One minute they all gooey on one another, next Raven finds herself in peril, next Mikhail is explaining why she must not do as she used to being a "free spirit", next to them making love for hours.  Literally repeat the situation over and over again and its this first book in the Dark series.

I've been told by many people this was a great series and I am very interested to see how they continue on as a dying vampire race. I will continue on reading the series, and I truly hope it'll be as worthwhile as it seems.