Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Lick of Frost By: Laurell K. Hamilton

I am Meredith Gentry, princess and heir apparent to the throne in the realm of faerie, onetime private investigator in the mortal world. To be crowned queen, I must first continue the royal bloodline and give birth to an heir of my own. If I fail, my aunt, Queen Andais, will be free to do what she most desires: install her twisted son, Cel, as monarch . . . and kill me. 

My royal guards surround me, and my best loved–my Darkness and my Killing Frost–are always beside me, sworn to protect and make love to me. But still the threat grows greater. For despite all my carnal efforts, I remain childless, while the machinations of my sinister, sadistic Queen and her confederates remain tireless. So my bodyguards and I have slipped back into Los Angeles, hoping to outrun the gathering shadows of court intrigue. But even exile isn’t enough to escape the grasp of those with dark designs.

Now King Taranis, powerful and vainglorious ruler of faerie’s Seelie Court, has leveled accusations against my noble guards of a heinous crime–and has gone so far as to ask the mortal authorities to prosecute. If he succeeds, my men face extradition to faerie and the hideous penalties that await them there. But I know that Taranis’s charges are baseless, and I sense that his true target is me. He tried to kill me when I was a child. Now I fear his intentions are far more terrifying.

 OMG! What a great Merry Gentry book!

Merry and her men are finally back in LA. But that doesn't stop the threats coming her way now does it? Hell-no. Freaking King is gone mad and wants Merry for his wife, the Queen is gone sadistic on one of the guards because she didn't talk with Merry first about rumors, Frost....dear lord, Frost....OMG!! I can't even handle it!

Such a great read. Some great news in this book! But of course it isn't just a simple's gotta be all complex and shit, lol.

As with most of LKH's work, I want to really to just spill the beans about everything that's happened, but for those that haven't read it yet, I really really really don't want to give away any spoilers. 

Let's just say, very emotional book. Very good book. Very, well, just a great continuation of Merry's life.

***I have a few favorite quotes for this book...***