Saturday, May 10, 2014

Entrusted By: Nicole Edwards

Elijah Penn 
Handsome. Successful. Single. 
And looking for a polyamorous relationship. 

It has been four years since his wife died, but Elijah knows that there will never be another woman who will claim his heart and he isn’t willing to replace her. He isn’t interested in marriage, but he is interested in something with a future. 

Logan and Samantha McCoy 
Attractive. Ambitious. Married. 
And looking for a polyamorous relationship. 
Logan and Samantha spent the last year and a half avoiding a very specific desire that neither of them can quite let go of. They aren’t interested in a casual fling with a stranger, so they’ve been holding back. 

Is it possible that the three of them have stumbled upon something that just might be the answer to all of their desires?

What a fan-freaking-tastic story!!

I wasn't shocked that I fell in love with this story as soon as I started reading it. It seems to happen with every Nicole Edwards book that I pick up!


It's no secret that Samantha and Logan are looking for a third that in their relationship. It's more shocking about just how much they really want from this mysterious person.

We met Elijah in the last book, Perception. A sexy widow who is only interested in threesomes with married couples. What's wrong with that?? Absolutely NOTHING! 

My lord, hot and sexy doesn't even begin to describe the scenes with Logan, Samantha, and Elijah. SO much built up anticipation and tension....yum-yum-yummy!!!

I can honestly admit that this was way better than I was expecting. I was really just thinking of some hot menage scenes, but this touched me so much more. Really digging into what Sam and Logan want and need. So freaking good.

I am going to be going some serious withdrawal waiting for the next book! We've been so lucky with 2 books in 30 days, I feel spoiled! Now, a waiting game! worth it though.