Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Masters of My Desire By: Jenna Jacob

Plowing into Bambi and totaling my SUV wasn't the way I envisioned starting my vacation. Then again, neither was being rescued by two gorgeous men. Nick Masters and Dylan Thomas swooped in to save me from the wreck. They weren't just knights in a shining truck, but Dominants so potent the submissive hidden inside me clawed to kneel at their feet.

To my surprise, they offered to teach me the joys of submission. I shoved down my fears and agreed to spend one glorious week of pleasure under their hand, at the center of their raw passion. With each command and touch, they bared my soul and stole my heart. With them, I felt like a beautiful—if kinky—Cinderella. But all too soon, the clock struck midnight, and I fled…

Returning to my lackluster life, I was determined to somehow survive without the masters of my desire. I never imagined they would travel a few hundred miles to hunt me down. Could I say yes when they offered to bestow something on me far more beautiful than a glass slipper?

I really just wasn't as into this second book in the Doms of Genesis series as I was the first book.

Thought the storyline was very cute, I just think I had too many issues with the way Savannah, Nick, and Dylan worked together. I actually had to take a break in the middle of this book to read something else because I was just getting frustrated. But as soon as I finished that book, I picked this one back up and finished it.

I tell you what though, my favorite part was when she screamed "RED!!"

I've now read three books (IN A ROW MIND YOU) that had a person safe word out. The first being the fact that was the person was actually being abused, the second because the person was trying to make a point, but this the first time you really have a real sub safe-word out because she really and truly freaked out. 

I also really enjoyed the last few chapters of the book. When all the main characters of Genesis are getting together and spending time together. I really enjoyed that.