Friday, July 18, 2014

Blood and Kindred By: Lyn Croft

Cara expected a relaxing spring break, free from studying, free from exams. Instead, her reality has been crushed as she is thrown into a world of the supernatural and finds out that the very battle between Heaven and Hell centers around her. 

Halflings, Vampyres, and Werewolves are now part of her reality as she struggles to survive. Her best friend is now a vampyre and Zillah, the ancient vampyre queen is still hot on her trail. New enemies emerge as lost loved ones resurface. 

In this exciting sequel to BLOOD and LILLIES, the Halflings fight to protect the key while everywhere they turn; they face betrayal and new enemies. Will Eamon lose Cara forever when she finds out the secrets behind the Halfling’s heritage and learns what she truly is? Or will Zillah finally win in her quest and open the portal between all realms, destroying our mortal reality and the key along with it?

A really great second book for the Bloodlines series!

Now that we have more of an understanding of who these characters are and what they're purpose is, thanks to Blood and Lilies, it made it much easier to follow along with the plot in Blood and Kindred.

Cara seriously can't seem to catch a break. It's hard for me to grasp what little time frame we are working with. I feel so bad for her! She barely recoups after some horrible encounter only to be faced with another!

Maybe in the next she will get a few days reprieve! LOL

Oh and we can't forget Kelsey! AH!! My heart is bleeding for her!! I already can't handle what is being done to her and I need to know, like now, what is happening to her!