Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Warlord Wants Forever By: Kresley Cole

Nikolai Wroth, once a ruthless human warlord in the 1700s and now a general in the rebel vampire army, needs to find his bride, the one woman who can render him truly alive. As a turned human, he doesn't enjoy a heartbeat or breathing and is consequently weaker than fully blooded vampires. He wants his bride for the power she will bring him and can hardly believe it when his heart beats for Myst the Coveted, a mad, fey, mythological creature.

She eludes him for five years, but he has finally chased her to ground and stolen the jewel which commands her, giving him absolute power over her. While he possesses it, he can make her do anything, and he plans to in order for her to experience firsthand the agonizing, unending lust she'd purposely subjected him to for half a decade. Yet when Wroth realizes he wants more from her and frees her, will she come

AH! I love this series so darn much!

This is my third go-around with it and it's all in preparation for the release of "Dark Skye"...which I might freak out about! Been a long time coming!!!

So anywho...

The Warlord Wants Forever is the beginning of the Immortals After Dark series! In which, we get a quick lesson of the Lore and some of the different fractions. We also get to follow around the adorable Myst and her now blooded vampire hubby, Wroth. 

These two are incredibly sensual and amazing together! Their story is pretty short and sweet but thoroughly entertaining to boot.

(For the favorite creatures in the IAD series are the Valkyrie. I just just love their ability to kick ass and be so entertaining at the same time)

I've found, from other series that I've read multiple times, that I get the most enjoyment re-reading a series the third time around. The first time is always amazing, but I tend to miss a lot of important facts. The second time is really just because I'm nerdy and want to read such a great series again. By the third time, I'm comfortable with the understanding of what is going on and I get to see facts I missed before. Hence, more enjoyable.