Sunday, August 24, 2014

Standing Broken By: Angie Merriam

Lilly is pregnant and faced with a choice, leave Neveah and Shep behind or stay and fight, risking the health of her unborn child. Her decision breaks her heart but she knows she can't have the baby in Neveah, so with a heavy heart she returns home, alone. She works hard to get over Shep and build a life of her own and has become a successful artist. Just when her life seems to be on the right track, tragedy strikes, leading her back to Neveah.

Shep wakes up a new man with a wife he can't remember and an army he is expected to train. Along side his aunt Kelsha, he helps ready her followers for a war he knows nothing about, but knows he must fight, because she tells him so. When tragedy strikes Kelsha, she sends Shep away on assignment but was that the choice that would take him away from her forever?

A Broken Forever introduced you to Neveah, Standing Broken brings you back to the characters that were left broken. A land wilted. Can Shep and Lilly find their way back to each other. Can Lilly forgive the betrayal? Can Neveah over come the evil sweeping the land? Standing Broken is the continuing story of love, betrayal and good vs. evil.

OMGosh, an amazing second story for the Neveah series!

Lilly is determined to make a life for herself while her little bun-in-the-oven grows. She achieves more in those few months than most people achieve in years. She's one strong cookie!

Shep...oh poor sweet Shep! I don't want to say anything about Shep because I really don't want to give away any spoilers! Too many things I could spill that are well worth the wait to find out on your own!

Put it this way though, this story kept me going non-stop! I couldn't put it down and I just loved it. Again, just like the first book, quite a few twists that you swear you see coming and many other you don't.

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