Monday, August 25, 2014

The Broken Girl By: Gracie Wilson

All Becca Potts seems to know is darkness, pain and loss.

Every time she gets ahead another secret or event sends her spiraling back.

Dillon's attack has left her fighting for all she holds dear. 

Now she has to be brave and pick up the pieces.

Hearts will be shattered and love will be rewritten.

Becca has to navigate through the chaos that is plaguing her life and figure out what she wants.

Nothing is going as planned but it never has.

Everything she thought she knew is about to be challenged.

Truths will be exposed. 

New threats will be revealed. 

Promises will be destroyed and life as Becca knows it is about to be broken.

Man, I'm just speechless.

Book 3....ok I need book 3 like now!!!

There are so many emotions rolling through me! This series is so not your typical love story, but it is just as amazing as if it were!

Feelings I've had for characters not only change throughout this story, but grow as well! You really feel for everyone involved! 

Promises and trust can be broke. Love can be toxic. But, real love, man real heart wrenching deep love, can withstand the harshest of elements!

I can't stand who much I need the next book already!

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