Monday, June 22, 2015

Luscious by: Lexi Blake

When Macon Miles meets sweet waitress Alison Jones, he knows she’s trouble, but he can’t imagine how her secrets will rock his world.

(This story is a novella inside a box set)

This was a great sweet addition to the Masters and Mercenaries series! :)

I loved starting to get to know the crew at "Top" and the love for food! HAHA, yum!

Our little buddy, Adam has a younger brother that's gone through hell. Macon is a seriously adorable character and I just loved him!

Ally, the little sly devil is a little bad ass that was a fun character and always keeping me happy.

Together they are super sweet and a great couple! Their dilemma was pretty sad and heart wrenching...but I bet Ian will be there for them...right? Gotta love Ian! 

(If you bought the box set that included this book you'd get the "sweet" jokes!)