Monday, July 13, 2015

SPOTLIGHT!! "One Man's Treasure" by: Sable Hunter & Ryan O'Leary

**** Blurb******

Jet is a hero—Special Forces, an Equalizer, a motorcycle riding MMA fighter who is part pirate and all man. No one messes with Jet.

He is formidable—the tall, dark, and deadly type.

In One Man’s Treasure, he’s on a quest for gold. Jet travels to Mexico to fight a challenger before he sails the Sirena to bring up a fortune from the sunken Spanish galleon, San Miguel. As usual, Jet is in control, master of his destiny. Until…
Jet meets Sami.

Sami waits tables at a club in Veracruz. Jet can’t help but notice the slight, shy bartender. It angers him when customers give Sami a hard time.

Only problem—Jet assumes Sami is a boy.

Sami is actually Samantha. She’s come to Mexico to find healing and the truth about what happened to her best friend. When she has to leave town fast, she stows away on Jet’s boat.

Imagine his surprise when he finds Sami…and then discovers she’s a woman!
Beneath a silvery moon, Jet watches a mermaid play in the sea and discovers that
One Man’s Treasure can be more than diamonds and gold.

One Man’s Treasure is love


Now, for the real question. “I’m an Equalizer, why didn’t you tell me?”

Sami narrowed her eyes, a tiny line of concentration forming on her forehead. “Our association at the bar was very casual, you were there on business and it wouldn’t have been proper.”

“We’ve been on the Sirena for two days, why haven’t you told me by now?” He did his best to keep any hint of anger from his tone.
She looked down. “I tried. I told you I was running from someone.” When she saw that wasn’t satisfying him, she huffed in frustration. “I didn’t want to appear to be hunting an ‘in’ with you. The parameters of our relationship are clear.”

“And what is that?”

Seeing she was getting nowhere fast, Sami changed her style. She batted her eyelashes at Jet, attempting to seduce him. “I’m your booty call, Captain.”

Shaking a finger back and forth, Jet fussed, a smile coming to his lips that was part challenge and part invitation. “You’re trying to distract me.” Who was he kidding, her curves were wrecking his concentration. “Let me say this before I totally lose my mind and set out to do sexy things to you specifically designed to drive you crazy and make you scream.”

“Say what?” She was ready for him to put her into an orgasm induced stupor.

Sampling her perfection was his ultimate goal, but he needed to make this point. “You will not be returning to Veracruz. It’s too dangerous. You’re too little. You will not put yourself into a situation where you might be killed. Again. Ever.” He said the words slowly so she couldn’t possibly misunderstand.

Sami couldn’t stand it, she laughed. “Oh, I love when you’re dominant.” She rose and went to him, climbing into his lap, straddling his legs. “Not that I’m going to listen to a word you say, but I do like to hear you say it.” She ground herself on him until his massive erection was notched into the tender vee between her legs.

“I’m gonna fuck you now, Sami, but if you think this is over, you’re wrong.” He framed her face with his hands and began kissing her hard, long and deep.

Sami was through arguing, she had other, more important things on her mind. Nudging her butt back and forth, she scrubbed her pussy against him, dragging her sweet spot over his hardness again and again—till she was panting, her fingers clutching his hair.

“Damn, you’re hot, you’re so hot,” he whispered.


She was a firecracker and about to go off.