Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Dom Who Loved Me By: Lexi Blake

The Dom Who Loved Me was a fun read.

Sean and Grace meet when Sean is working undercover for his brothers security company watching Grace's boss who is a bit of a.....'slime ball' I think is a good term.

As a widowed mother of two, Grace has an interest in the D/s relationship, proof by the pile of books next to her tub, and Sean is more than willing to help her explore. So, of course, they have no problem shacking up while Sean is working undercover.

Love always finds a way through the difficult truths that come up.

Sean shows Grace that she really is a sub at heart and that it's ok to be that. Her deceased husband didn't exactly make her fell welcome with her kinky thoughts. Let alone let her explore them.

This is the first book in the Master and Mercenaries series, and it was a good start. I know I'm usually harsher on the first book in a new series because we are just getting to know everyone the stories and the "layout of the land"...that being said, this is a good story but the rest of the series is even better!