Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wicked Ties By: Shayla Black

Morgan is a cable TV talk show host. She wants to do a show about kinky sex and hooks up with Jack to talk about a D/s relationship. 

Jack, bodyguard by day, Dominant by night is pleased to give Morgan some insight into his world.

When it's clear Morgan's life is in danger, Jack takes protection of her and hides away at his cabin in the bayou. 

What do you know, he's got a play room in the cabin!

Jack and Morgan's attraction is instant. They have that special chemistry people wish for on a daily basis. But Jack has his own personal reason's why he really wants to get Morgan into his bed.

Morgan is new into the kinky sex and she has fantasies that Jack wants to fulfill, until he learns of one in particular...a threesome. Jack's history makes it hard for him to be with someone that wants another man in her bed, even if it's only once.

The sex is great. The attraction instant. Their connection unfathomable. 

A great start to the Wicked Lovers series.