Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dungeon Royale By: Lexi Blake

No disappointment from Lexi Blake!!

Hot and steamy! These two love birds are perfect for one another!

Dungeon Royale is the sixth book in the Masters and Mercenaries series, and the story of the big bad Dom, Damon and the sweet and submissive Penelope.

Penny and Damon both work for SIS. She's a translator, desk worker, and he's a tough guy field agent.

When terrorists threat, Penny needs to help Damon out on a fetish cruise playing as his submissive...because of course it's a kink cruise, right!? LOL.

Both Penelope and Damon have found each other attractive for a long time so it was no burden to either. Penelope has no experience in a D/s relationship though, so it requires some training....

Insert Charlotte Taggert! Love this girl!

Between their own training sessions with Damon, YUM, and the fun loving Charlie, training is a pleasure for Penny.

Damon has never had anyone he cares about in his life. All important people seems to leave him. Makes for hard life and hazardous to relationships.

I really love the spin Lexi Blake put on this as Penelope being a translator, and due to her experience with hidden meanings in different languages, she's able to really get a feel for Damon unlike any other!

Also, we finally got to see a little sneak peek in the minds of Chelsea and Simon...(seriously, August can't get here quick enough!!)

Really love this series. All the characters are fantastic and their own stories are entertaining and fun!