Monday, February 24, 2014

Temptation By: Nicole Edwards

Luke is the owner of Club Destiny...the erotic sex club that isn't exactly what we would assume it'd be. Identical twin brother to Logan, whom we met in the first Club Destiny book. 

Cole is the quiet bystander at Club Destiny that couples always ask to be their "third". Openly bisexual, he's up for damn-near anything. 

Luke and Cole have been part of menages before together, but never doing anything together though they both have some serious feelings for one another.

Sierra is the woman that just moved to Dallas to be closer to her mother and finds herself wrapped up in both Luke and Cole, literally and figuratively after they get to know each other in Vegas for a conference.

Luke is the super unavailable guy. Hiding from his feelings literally by running away from any situation that could possible freak him out. Which means he's run away from Cole on more than one occasion and now he starts running from Cole and Sierra. Never having had feelings for a man before, I can slightly understand his hesitancy with Cole, though I think he needed to grow a pair. He isn't exactly living a normal life as it is, and so he shouldn't be shocked with how his feelings are not 'usual' feelings. So, needless to say, when he knows he has feelings for both Cole and Sierra, he freaks out.

Lucky for us, Sierra and Cole are more patient that most people. They know Luke and his faults and try to deal with it and him so the three of them can be together.

I was a little disappointed in this book, solely for the lack of finding the relationship with Cole and Luke. We definitely had enough with the three of them or with Luke or Cole separately with Sierra, but not with just Luke and Cole. They kept talking about how they hadn't had time alone together so I kept expecting it, but didn't get it. So, that's my only sadness with this book.

Otherwise, hot sexy romance. Hot sexy menage. Adorable hunky men that sweep the "sweet and innocent" Sierra off her feet.

Really good story for the second book in Club Destiny series.