Monday, February 24, 2014

Seduction By: Nicole Edwards

The third book in the Club Destiny series, Seduction is the story of Alex and Ashleigh.

Alex has been pining for Ashleigh since he first laid eyes on her when she was just seventeen to his thirty. Obviously knowing she was too young for him, he's always tried to move on but his feeling always came back to Ashleigh. Being a friend of the family, he's been able to keep an eye on her as she got older. Little did he know though that she's been wanting to be with him for just as long. Age difference matters's always about how one feels for another that matters.

Ashleigh is now twenty-eight and a successful author of both children stories and erotica. Though not everyone knows her pen name, Ashton Leigh for her erotica stories, all her closest friends do...and boy are those friends close! 

Let's just say 'Truth or Dare' will never be the same again.

This book leaned more toward the traditional love story type. Or maybe just more traditional than I've been reading lately, lol.

Regardless of some slight voyeurism, Seduction really was just based on the love between Alex and Ashleigh, and the daily obstacles they've had to her being a virgin, his ex-wife craziness, thoughts of wanting to venture more in-depth with Club Destiny. Ya know, the norms ;)

Very cute story. Ashleigh and Alex were quite literally meant for one another and it was fun to watch them grow together.